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We do not do things simply because "we have to". We believe in passionate everyday work and in the ability to add enthusiasm and dedication to each and every segment of the supply chain. Passion brings suppliers closer, attracts customers and makes those who work for the company feel proud and involved

We believe strongly in people and their ability to make the difference. GAMMA CHIMICA seeks to guarantee all of their employees a satisfactory work/life balance and encourages a positive corporate climate based on the sharing, value and accountability of each individual - indispensable qualities for constant growth

We are among the leaders in Italy for chemical product distribution and we intend to maintain this position through excellent organisation and the passion of our entire staff.

GAMMA CHIMICA has always operated in total respect of the environment. On one hand, fully complying with all prevailing standards in this field and on the other, scrupulously selecting manufacturers who take sustainability issues to heart. This is a business and ethical commitment that we make every day in our choices for today and for tomorrow

Delivery speed is an absolute must for us. Our delivery system is efficient, organised and computerised. And, with our in-house sorting system, we are able to beat standard delivery times by at least 24 hours. This is a quality that our customers appreciate and one that represents an absolute competitive advantage for those who choose us.

GAMMA CHIMICA was founded in 1980. From that time on, it has continued to be a presence in the market, constantly perfecting its structure and improving in all functions: from storage to delivery, from quality control to raw material and supplier selection.

We are the only ones in the Italian market to distribute more than 2000 unique references, to the benefit of more than 3000 active customers. We also manage some important exclusive distributions with leading multinational companies in the sector. Our products include numerous fields: Cleaning, Cosmetics and Feed, not to forget the Coating & Construction, Textile & Leather, Resin and Lubricants sectors. This is in addition to the direct antifreeze production. We are the "gamut" of the chemical market.

For us, it is as if today is the first day, because at GAMMA CHIMICA, we never stop. This is why we are constantly seeking new suppliers and innovative solutions that will be able to fortify our current offer and perfect the efficiency of all our functions. At GAMMA CHIMICA, the future... is now.

Our distribution chain offers a series of important guarantees that stem from the constant control of the incoming and outgoing goods, from the reliability of all the manufacturers to the operations of our in-house Laboratory. Our technical office also activates supplementary guarantees that make GAMMA CHIMICA a partner of undisputed value.